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We invite you to live an ancestral experience touring Rapa Nui by the hand of local guides and visiting little known and incredible places.

1. Tour to the caves

A surprising 2 hour tour, in which we will visit several little-known caves, to learn how old native people lived and where the old settlers of Rapa Nui took refuge, until arriving at Ana Te Pahu, also known as the “cave of the plane trees”, which is the largest cavern on the island.

2. Tour Ana Kakenga

During this 2 1/2 hour tour, we will visit two of the most famous caves on the island Ana Kakenga and Ana Te Pora. Ana Kakenga is also known as the “cave of the two windows”, for its two huge windows overlooking the sea in which they terminate their inner lava channels. A surprising and unforgettable sight. The tour ends at Ana Te Pora, a large cave that is thought to have served as a refuge during wartime and where its great “stone bed” stands out.

3. Dawn Tour in Tongariki

We invite you to live one of the biggest shows of Easter Island, the sunrise next to the largest ahu of Polynesia, Ahu Tongariki. This tour begins before dawn to await the sunrise behind the impressive moai statues, then we will take a small breakfast with tea or coffee and the most traditional rapanui cupcake called po’e.

3. Half Day Tours

Option 1: 3 hours tour around the center / south of the island, visiting three important archaeological sites: Ahu Akivi, Puna Pau and Vinapu.

Option 2: 3 hour tour of the south / west coast, visiting the Rano Kau volcano, Orongo (its viewpoint and the incredible archaeological site) and the viewpoint towards the city of Hanga Roa.

4. Full Day Tour

A complete tour of 5 to 6 hours, in the southern part of the island and part of the northern zone, which includes 4 of the main archaeological sites: Vaihu, Rano Raraku, Tongariki and the beautiful beach of Anakena. At the end of the tour participants can enjoy a few hours of sun and beach.

• All tours are conducted with a certified local guide who will share their knowledge of local history and culture with visitors. We guarantee a pleasant and close treatment that will make you feel like friends.

• Tours are conducted in Spanish only.

• Water and headlights are included for tours to the caves.

• The tours can be combined with photographic sessions with typical costumes, in the archaeological sites (consult prices and availability).

Address: Atamu Tekena St. – Tepano Gallery – Hanga Roa
Attention hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 19:00 p.m.
Phone: +56971252210



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