Mahinatur, the oldest and most prestigious local agency of Rapa Nui, prepares trips to all the magical places on the island, where the wonderful nature of this place, known as “Te Pito o te henua” or “Navel of the World”, is mixed with all the history and tradition of Easter Island.

Quality services and personalized attention to each of our passengers, is the fundamental basis of our work. Professional guides (Rapanui, Chileans and foreigners) working with our company enjoy of a high prestige at national and international level. We can provide attention in English, German, Italian and French. Our vehicles are the most modern in the market, and most of them have air conditioning.

Information & bookings
Address: Atamu Tekena St. – Hanga Roa
Attention hours: Monday to Saturday: 9:00 to 18:00 h
Phone: +56322100635 | +56982924056



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