Cabalgatas Pantu

Easter Island horseback riding cabalgatas Pantu

More than 14 years in the business make Horseback Pantu a unique and unforgettable experience. The quality of our equipment together with the experience and responsibility of our tour guides ensure safe, even for people who have never ridden. We offer three different alternatives:

Tour 1: Departures at 9:30 and 14:30 h

Walk through the rocky area of Roiho visiting Ana Kakenga, cave with a small entrance but inside is spacious and ends with two windows on a cliff, following Ana Te Pahu, an underground cave was used as shelter during tribal wars. We continue to Ahu Akivi, with seven moai ceremonial platform representing the first explorers who came to the island. We ended up at the gazebo Maunga Roiho to see the route from the top of an extinct volcanic cone.

Tour 2: Departures at 9:30 and 14:30 h

Walk from the cabins Pikera Uri through Ahu Akivi, taking a path that climbs to a volcanic crater lagoon covered with reeds called Rano Aroi and to the highest point of the island Terevaka (560-580 meters).

Tour 3: Departures at 9:30 h

Horseback riding trails on the north coast visiting various archaeological sites such as ceremonial platforms, petroglyphs and homes. Starting from the cabins Pikera Uri through Ahu Te Peu, Omohi and Papa Tekena, culminate in Anakena beach with a tunu ahi or barbecue (optional, additional charge). The return to Hanga Roa can be done on horseback by Rano Aroi or, if you prefer, by car at no extra charge.

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