Horseback riding

Easter Island Horseback Riding

Another alternative to explore Easter Island in a unique way and have access to areas that can’t be reached by car is by horseback riding.

Unlike the horses that roam freely and are semi-wild, the ones used to organize rides are quite docile and calm. This allows anyone to opt for this alternative; no need to have previous experience.

Several tours are offered around the island, and the horseback rides can last from a few hours to two days, including lodging, fishing and traditional food in the longer ones. 

Many of the tours unfold in the interior of the island, climbing to the top of Terevaka, the highest peak on Easter Island (8511 meters above sea level) which allows for a 360 ° view and can only be reached on foot or by horseback. Other alternatives include Anakena and a tour of the central coast, where there are no roads. Therefore, a horseback ride is the ideal way to experience this less accessible place. Also, the guides are, in most cases, the only ones who can identify the unmarked archaeological sites, such as “the cave of the virgins” in Poike.

Prices range from $50 USD onwards and will depend on the duration of the journey and whether meals or lodging is included.

Horseback riding at Easter Island

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Horseback riding Cabalgatas Pantu Easter Island

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