Easter Island diving

Easter Island is an ideal place for diving and snorkeling, because the waters are so clear and transparent that visibility can reach up to 60 meters. This unique characteristic is due to the absence of plankton and mainly to the lack of contamination. On the other hand, the water temperature, ranging between 18 and 26 degrees, makes any diving experience on Easter Island unforgettable.

Although the flora and fauna are not as rich as in other islands in the Pacific, and there aren’t any large coral reefs, the few coral species have spectacular development, such as the “Porites lobata” which grows up to 5 meters in diameter and can be seen in the Hanga Roa Bay 18 meters deep. Another feature of these waters is that the fauna found here consists of 160 species, of which 26% are endemic to Easter Island (meaning they aren’t found anywhere else).

Immersing yourself in this part of the Pacific is certainly a fascinating adventure as it takes us through a stunning underwater volcanic landscape. The seabed is littered with caves, arches, cliffs and lava platforms. There’s even an underwater moai, although it was placed there in modern times.

Easter Island diving sea turtle

Sea turtle

Another one of the major attractions of this activity is to swim with sea turtles (Honu), which are usually near Hanga Roa Bay. In this area there’s also a great abundance of tropical fish.

Along with Hanga Roa Bay, some of the best places for diving in Easter Island are around Motu Nui, Motu Kao Kao and Motu Iti, where you can dive to different depths and best appreciate the water visibility.

The scuba centers located in Hanga Roa are Mike Rapu and the Orca Diving Center, and in Hanga Piko, Atariki Rapa Nui and the Rapa Nui Diving Center. They all offer regular courses, baptisms, and dives with experienced divers.

Diving centers at Easter Island

Tortuga Diving Isla de Pascua
Tortuga Diving Isla de Pascua
Tortuga Diving

Tortuga Diving Center offers personalized service in small groups so that your experience in the crystal clear waters of Easter Island to be unforgettable. We have one instructor per person, so whether it’s your first time or if you’ve done it before, you will really enjoy it. Read more…

Centro de buceo Tahai Diving Center Easter Island
Centro de buceo Tahai Diving Center Easter Island
Centro de buceo Tahai

The Tahai Diving Center is a family dive center, which stems from the concern of the owners for showing the underwater world of Easter Island, making diving an unforgettable life experience. Read more…

Orca Diving Center Easter Island
Orca Diving Center Easter Island
Orca Diving Center

Orca Diving Center was the first dive center which opened in Easter Island. It was in 1980, when the brother Henri and Michel Garcia were pioneers in the development of scientific research and development of scuba diving in Rapa Nui. Read more…