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General information

The Rapa Nui crafts and souvenirs available in Easter Island are diverse and range from cheap necklaces or key rings to authentic works of art made of stone and wood whose value can reach several thousand dollars.

Most of the shops are on the main street and the street leading from the Holy Cross Church to the coast. In practically all of them you can find typical Polynesian shirts and sarongs, small moai replicas, and other handicrafts. The largest venue that offers the greatest variety is the Crafts Market, to the left of the church, which is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00 and 17:00 to 20:00 (some stands open on Sundays at the end of Mass at 9:00 am). Half of the food market stalls also sell handicrafts on Hanga Roa’s main street.

In Anakena and Tahai there are usually a couple of craft stalls, mostly selling stone and wooden carvings. The prices are quite similar everywhere, and although haggling is not common, you can try it; especially in the craft market or if you’re buying several pieces. This can be useful, especially if we consider that the overall prices in Easter Island are not cheap, even for a tax-free place.

The best sculptors and carvers on the island often have their own stores, and it’s there where the better quality works can be found. Although, in many cases, the prices can be substantially higher than what the visitor expects.

Moai Kava Kava y Moai Tangata Manu artesania rapa nui artesania de isla de pascua

Moai Kava Kava and Moai Tangata Manu

Among the main pieces of wooden Rapa Nui handicrafts, the Moai Kava Kava (figures with protruding ribs and a starved appearance), Rongo Rongo tablets (ancient Rapa Nui writing), Rei Miro (crescent pectoral with human heads at its ends), Moko (representation of a lizard), and Ao (leadership cane in the shape of a paddle with two rowing ends) stand out.

Moko o lagarto y Rei Miro artesania rapa nui artesania de isla de pascua

Moko or lizard and Rei Miro

Moai replicas in different sizes, pukaos (moai headdresses), and stones carved with petroglyphs representing the Birdman and the creator god Make Make can be found made out of stone.

Little Moai statues to take away Rapa Nui crafts

Little Moai statues to take away

There is also a type of “vegetable craft”, made with plantain bark and feathers and decorated with seashells, with which the clothing used in folkloric dances are made.

You can also find simpler things with more of a Polynesian style, such as necklaces, rings, earrings and other decorations made out of seashells or flowers. Though many crafts made out of coral are available, their purchase is not recommended in order to avoid that it keeps being taking out of the sea.

Crafts, clothes, jewelry and souvenirs

Kona Nei Isla de Pascua

Kona Nei

In Kona Nei we offer a wide variety of Easter Island and Polynesian products, especially dresses, shirts, T-shirts and blouses with models and exclusive designs, made by us for you to take home a unique souvenir of your visit. Read more »

Tieare Ngaoho Compras Isla de Pascua

Tiare Ngaoho

We invite you to visit the Tiare Ngaoho Sourvenir, located in the new shopping arcade, Te Moai. We offer a variety of clothing with the most beautiful Rapa Nui and Polynesians designs. Read more »

Maea Moana Compras en Isla de Pascua

Maea Moana

In Maea Moana we are the only Easter Island jewelry which offers fine pieces made in silver and lapis lazuli. We offer exclusive pieces with designs Rapa Nui as make-make and moais, tangata manu. Read more »

Tau Kiani Compras en Isla de Pascua

Tau Kiani

Tau Kiani is the only Rapa Nui store which created their own designs for fabrics, shirts, dresses and home accessories. We invite you to know and choose between our many patterned fabrics with unique motifs. Read more »

Moana Mar Compras en Isla de Pascua

Moana Mar

Moana Mar offers you exclusive designs with rapanui motifs, of own creation, that you will not find anywhere else. We specialize in clothes and accessories for children. Read more »

Riro Ra’a Compras en Isla de Pascua

Riro Ra’a

If you are looking for a special and different gift or traditional crafts to take a nice memory of Rapa Nui, we invite you to visit us. We are located on the central Te Pito or Te Henua street. Read more »

The Sau Sau Shop Compras en Isla de Pascua

The Sau Sau Shop

The Sau Sau Shop is a store born from the desire to create a space representative of the Rapa Nui culture, it is a place of expression for the artisans and artists of Polynesia. Read more »

Mana Gallery Compras en Isla de Pascua

Mana Gallery

Mana Gallery is a place dedicated to Rapanui art and the archeology of Easter Island. In our gallery you will find works of outstanding local artists and craftsmen who have here a unique space to show their talent to the world. Read more »

Supermarkets and stores

Minimarket y gasolinera Puna Vai Isla de Pascua

Puna Vai Minimarket

In our mini-market you will find a complete domestic and imported wines cellar including a fine selection of French champagne, spirits, water and beer. We are the only place on Easter Island that offers a wide range of frozen and gourmet products. Read more »

Supermercado Ricardito y Angela Isla de Pascua

Ricardito y Angela Supermarket

Located at Atamu Tekena street, in the center of Hanga Roa, in our supermarket you can find a variety of necessities. Fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, eggs, milk, yogurt, butter, meat and poultry; and all kinds of groceries. Read more »

Supermercado Pou Vae Tea Isla de Pascua

Pou Vae Tea Supermarket

Located in the new Mall Oceanic in Pou Vae Tea supermarket you can find all the food and hygiene items, as needed. A wide variety of fresh and packaged products such as meat, chicken, sausage, cheese and other items. Read more »



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