Boat and kayak rides

Easter island boat rides

Another activity offered on Easter Island is to go on boats rides, which enables you to appreciate the island from a different perspective.

The most popular ride is the one that goes to the southwest coast, opposite the Rano Kau volcano, and gets the visitors closer to Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao. These motus were once the stage for the Birdman Competition, which decided who would rule the island every year.

Climbing down the motus is forbidden, because there are still birds who nest there and they are protected. However, this tour combines with the possibility of snorkeling in this calm area of the sea where there’s greater water visibility (up to 60 meters).

The Orca Diving Center also offers a tour of the north coast, which offers you seaside views of Ahu Maitaki Te Moa, Vai Mata and the Hanga Omohi and Hanga Oteo bays.

Boat and kayak tours

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