If you want to visit Easter Island who better to contact than the Rapa Nui Travel team. We are Rapa Nui/German owners with offices on Easter Island. Our agency was founded in 1995 and for all these years we are working to realize the travel plans and requirements of our clients coming from all over the world, USA, Europa, Asia, Latin America.

Our local guides speak various languages, know the oral traditions and the latest scientific investigations about Rapa Nui, work with us for many years already. We own spacious and comfortable vehicles and have the necessary contacts to make your stay on Easter Island an experience you will never forget.


All of us working at Rapa Nui Travel have something in common : we love Rapa Nui and it is our pleasure to show you Rapa Nui’s beautiful nature, unique culture, interesting history and arqueology.

We offer the following services :
– Hotel bookings
– Car or bike, motorbike rentals
– Boat trips, snorkeling and diving
– Guided tours either as private or a shared excursions

Private Tour

Contracting a private tour provides you with your guide in your desired language : German, English, Spanish or French, and your private vehicle only at your disposal. It is a 100 % personalized service according to your wishes and necesities.

Shared Tour
Rano Raraku con gente

These excursions are shared so that you travel with other guests and share your experiences with your fellow travellers. These tours are offered in German, English or Spanish.

We are there for you 24 hrs a day via internet, to answer your questions and help you organize your stay on Easter Island and supply all arrangements for a truly happy and successful Easter Island vacation.

Contact us and we will tell you about ongoing special activities and our services.


Phone: 0056-32-2100548, Fax: 0056-32-2100165
Emergency cellphone: 0056-9-94976076
E-mail: info@rapanuitravel.com
Address: Tu’u Koihu s/n – Hanga Roa – Easter Island
Office hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:00 – 18:00 h
Saturday & Sunday: 8:30 – 14.30 h