Money and prices

Easter Island money and prices

On Easter Island, both the Chilean Peso and the U.S. dollar are accepted. In fact, the prices for most tours and rental cars are usually expressed in dollars, although you can pay in any of two currencies. Some stores and restaurants also accept euros. Credit cards are increasingly accepted in shops, restaurants and accommodations, but it is advisable to ask first; and keep in mind that in some cases, there will be an extra charge to pay by card.

You can’t forget that the island is one of the most isolated places in the world and that most of the necessary goods must arrive by sea from the mainland. This causes the prices on Easter Island of almost all things to be considerably higher than in continental Chile and elsewhere in the world. For this reason, it is not very useful, for example, to assume the prices of the accommodations, services or the quality they should have, because the standards are different here.

Many visitors, who want to save while staying on the island, buy food in continental Chile and stay in hotels, cabins or camping sites that have cooking facilities. Although this is a good choice, you can’t leave the island without tasting its wonderful fresh fish, especially the tuna fish, which is top-notch.

Easter Island banks

ATM at Banco Estado office Easter Island

ATM at Banco Estado office Estado

There are two ATMs in Hanga Roa, which accept foreign cards and from which Chilean pesos can be withdrawn. One is the Banco del Estado, on Tuu Maheke street (very close to the agricultural and handicraft fair) and the other is the Banco Santander, on the Policarpo Toro street, in front of Pea Beach.



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