easter island cafes

For coffee lovers, there are currently in Easter Island several cafes that serve rich and well prepared Italian-style coffee, while some also offer instant coffees, as was the custom formerly.

Most Easter Island cafes offer a rich variety of cakes, pastries and cookies as well as sandwiches and in some cases pies (empanadas), salads and other quick options to eat at noon. Some also serve tea, hot chocolate and ice cream based on typical fruits such as mango, banana and passion fruit or new ice cream flavors like Tipanie, one of the characteristic flowers of the island.

Suggested Cafés

Moiko Ra’a  Cafés de Isla de PascuaMoiko Ra’a  Cafés de Isla de Pascua

Moiko Ra’a

We invite you to savor our delicious pies, cakes, cheese cakes and kuchen made every day to satisfy the sweet tooth, and accompany them of delicious coffee, natural fruit juices, teas or our famous hot chocolate. Read more »


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