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The construction of new and modern hotels in Easter Island has contributed significantly to the improvement of local tourism. This new infrastructure is needed to accommodate the gradual increase of travelers who come to the island to discover its wonders.

Among the developments in recent years include the addition of three 5-star hotels that fill the gap in the category of luxury hotels in Easter Island. Such hotels were necessary to meet the demand for passengers sector that demands high service, even in one of the remotest islands in the world.

Contrary to what happened in most of the world’s top tourist destinations, it seems that the construction of hotels in Easter Island has been made with the intention of respecting the fragile ecosystem of Rapa Nui. Here the visitor will not find large towers concrete, steel and glass, and huge resorts with hundreds of rooms. The buildings are not very large, usually of an apartment and rarely reach the two heights, trying to blend into the landscape.

Most of the hotels are located in the center of Hanga Roa and only a few are located outside, but that is not a problem to get around the island, as everything is close due to their small size.

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Hostal Sunset Easter Island HotelsHostal Sunset Easter Island Hotels

Hostal Sunset

At Hostal Sunset you will find the best place to spend wonderful days in Rapa Nui. We have one of the best locations in Hanga Roa, in Tahai area, and here you will enjoy incredible the sunsets that gives our island. Read more…

Pikera Uri Eco Lodge Easter Island HotelsPikera Uri Eco Lodge Easter Island Hotels

Pikera Uri Eco Lodge

Just steps from the “Sebastian Englert” Museum, is the Pikera Uri Eco Lodge, a family accommodation located in front of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by gardens.  Read more…

Keu Henua Eco Hostal Easter Island HotelsKeu Henua Eco Hostal Easter Island Hotels

Keu Henua Eco Hostal

In Keu Henua Eco-Hostal we work to publicize agricultural products from the Rapanui ethnicity, to our guests, using the same techniques that were used by our ancestors.  Read more…

Domos Mamma Nui Easter Island HotelsDomos Mamma Nui Easter Island Hotels

Domos Mamma Nui

We invite you to live your Rapa Nui experience in a unique and different accommodation. Domos Mamma Nui are the only Easter Island “glamping”, a novel idea that combines camping with all the confort of an hotel. Read more…

La casa del Kori Easter Island CabinsLa casa del Kori Easter Island hostels

La casa del Kori

La Casa del Kori offers a familiar, cozy atmosphere and personalized service. A space suitable for all types of travelers: couples, young people, adults; alone or accompanied. Read more…

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