Cabañas Rapa Nui Orito

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Rapa Nui Orito, has rooms with one only space, fully equipped with kitchen, safe, color TV, private bathroom, designed and adapted to provide comfort and autonomy to our customers.

Located 8 minutes approximately from the center of Hanga Roa by car, in a quiet and safe place, a fundamental requirement to fully enjoy your stay.

The place where we are located, way to the beach of Anakena, has a beautiful view to Rano Kau and Maunga Orito, in addition to an easy access to the most important archaeological sites. We have ample gardens, exclusive parking for guests inside the premises and a comfortable common room, for the reception and rest with internet connection, where we advise and attend with the joy and warmth that characterizes us.

We invite you to meet us and enjoy this magical island with us …


Address: Hotu Matu’a Av. – Orito Area – Hanga Roa
Phone: +56322550155



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