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Easter Island cabins Rapa Nui

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The cabins in Easter Island are the type of accommodation that more has grown in recent years. There are many choices and you can find cabins of all sizes, from small ones for two people to large ones of several rooms for large families or large groups.

Unlike hotels, the cabins have kitchens, so they are an excellent alternative for families with children or people who spend several days and want to prepare their own meals to save some money. In general every kitchen, whether large or small, are equipped with a small refrigerator, stove, pots, pans, dishes and cutlery, and the largest ones have microwaves and many other amenities. The cabins in Easter Island do not usually include breakfast although some owners can offer it with an additional cost.

Another advantage of staying in a cabin, in addition to independence, is that in most cases, the owner families live in the same room where the cabins are located, so it’s a great way to have a true contact with the Rapanui culture and people.

Easter Island cabins

Cabaña Maiki Easter Island CabinsCabaña Maiki Easter Island Cabins

Cabaña Maiki

Cabaña Maiki offers a comfortable and spacious holiday accommodation, where you and your family can enjoy a relaxed, quiet and safe environment, surrounded by beautiful gardens. Read more »

Keu Henua Eco Hostal Easter Island HotelsKeu Henua Eco Hostal Easter Island Hotels

Cabañas Keu Henua

In Keu Henua cabins we work to publicize agricultural products from the Rapanui ethnicity, to our guests, using the same techniques that were used by our ancestors.  Read more »

Cabañas Rataro Easter Island CabinsCabañas Rataro Easter Island Cabins

Cabañas Rataro

Come and stay in our comfortable cabins and enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere of Easter Island. We offer three cottages, two of which can accommodate up to 3 people and the largest for up to 9 people. Read more »

Cabañas Peretei Easter Island CabinsCabañas Peretei Easter Island Cabins

Cabañas Peretei

The Peretei cabins are located in the area of Tahai, one of the most important archaeological sites on Easter Island and also one of the best places to enjoy beautiful sunsets. We put at your disposal independent bungalows. Read more »

Cabañas Hinariru Easter Island CabinsCabañas Hinariru Easter Island Cabins

Cabañas Hinariru

We have seven comfortable and spacious cabins for 3-8 people, the largest with two floors and terrace. All are located around a beautiful garden and are fully equipped with kitchen, refrigerator, dishes, TV and hot water. Read more »

Cabañas Vaiora Easter Island CabinsCabañas Vaiora Easter Island Cabins

Cabañas Vaiora

A good night’s sleep, respect their sleep, comfort and quiet is what our accommodation service offers in comfortable cabins of one or two rooms, fully equipped with big double and singles beds, en suite bathroom and kitchen. Read more »

Marae Cabañas Premium Easter Island CabinsMarae Cabañas Premium Easter Island Cabins

Marae Cabañas Premium

We invite you to spend an unforgettable stay at Marae Cabañas Premium. We put at your disposal 3 spacious and comfortable fully equipped cabins, independent of each other and built with the best quality materials, in the middle of a beautiful tropical garden. Read more »

Cabañas Tararaina Easter Island CabinsCabañas Tararaina Easter Island Cabins

Cabañas Tararaina

In Tararaina, we put at your disposal 2 beautiful family cabins, furnished and decorated with much love, located in a quiet area and surrounded by large gardens with flowers and trees typical of Easter Island. Read more »

Cabañas Te Ra’ai Easter Island CabinsCabañas Te Ra’ai Easter Island Cabins

Cabañas Te Ra’ai

If you are looking for a comfortable, quiet and well located place near the center of Hanga Roa, where you feel in contact with nature, we invite you to stay in our spacious cabins and share with us the lifestyle, traditions and art of Rapa Nui . Read more »

Cabañas Hinariru Nui Easter Island CabinsCabañas Hinariru Nui Easter Island Cabins

Cabañas Hinariru Nui

Our facilities have everything you need to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. We put at your disposal several cabins of different sizes, which can accommodate from 2 to 8 people. Read more »

Cabañas Akiko Easter Island CabinsCabañas Akiko Easter Island Cabins

Cabañas Akiko

Cabañas Akiko invite you to spend a few days of rest and comfort in a warm and friendly Rapa Nui atmosphere. We have a comfortable cabin for up to 4 people, fully equipped, has two bedrooms. Read more »

Cabañas Tekarera Easter Island CabinsCabañas Tekarera Easter Island Cabins

Cabañas Tekarera

Located in Tahai area, steps to Ahu Tahai and Anthropological Museum and yet very near the center of Hanga Roa, in cabañas Tekarera we offer you a comfortable, safe and peaceful accommodation to spend a pleasant experience. Read more »

Cabañas Rapa Nui Orito Easter Island CabinsCabañas Rapa Nui Easter Island Cabins

Cabañas Rapa Nui Orito

Rapa Nui Orito, has rooms with one only space, fully equipped with kitchen, safe, color TV, private bathroom, designed and adapted to provide comfort and autonomy to our customers. Read more »

Cabañas Ahu Kio'e Easter Island CabinsCabañas Ahu Kio'e Easter Island Cabins

Cabañas Ahu Kio’e

Cabañas Ahu Kio’e are located in the area of ​​Hanga Kio’e (the bay of the mouse), we invite you to enjoy a few days of rest and tranquility surrounded by spacious garden areas and breathtaking sea views. Read more »

Cabañas Nua Meta Cabañas en Isla de PascuaCabañas Nua Meta Cabañas en Isla de Pascua

Cabañas Nua Meta

We have a fully equipped cabin for 6 people, with everything necessary to achieve a comfortable and pleasant stay for the passengers. Read more »

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