Cabins on Easter Island with ocean view

The type of accommodation that is more aboundant on Easter Island are the cabins. Due to the tourist growth experienced by Rapa Nui in recent years, many local entrepreneurs have decided to build this type of accommodation to meet the needs of travelers.

The cabins on Easter Island offer a space with more privacy and freedom than a hotel room and the luxury of being attended by the owners themselves, since, in general, they are the ones in charge of acting as hosts, supplying everything kind of help and information.


The cabins are ideal for couples, but especially for families or groups of friends since they allow sharing a same space in a more informal ambient. Almost all have an equipped kitchen to prepare breakfast or dinner. This helps save part of the budget and offers the feeling of being at home … on the most remote island in the world.

Now the question is to choose the right cabin among more than a hundred available options. In this article we want to narrow the search and look at some of the cabins that overlook the sea on Easter Island. After all, the island is surrounded by the immense Pacific Ocean, so why not choose a place where we can enjoy the sea at any time?

Here we propose a selection of cabins and bungalows overlooking the sea with prices for all budgets. We will start from north to south, following the coast from the outskirts of Hanga Kio’e to the Mataveri sector.

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Kona Koa Lodge

Kona Koa Lodge Cabins on Easter Island with ocean view

Kona Koa Lodge

Located at the beginning of the north coast, a 20 minute walk from Hanga Roa is Kona Koa Lodge. Its three cabins mix exotic wood with modern details in its exclusive decoration. All of them have an equipped kitchen and a terrace with magnificent views of the ocean. They have two cabins with capacity for 4 people and a new bungalow designed for a couple with a child.

Its owners, Jerome and Nathalie, care about the environment so they have installed solar panels to provide electricity to the cabins. And to make your stay as comfortable as possible, they are responsible for providing information on places and excursions, as well as the possibility of renting bikes and cars, since they are a bit removed from Hanga Roa.

The price for a cabin for two people part of  USD 240 a day in low season. It is practically the last accommodation that exists before the beginning of the little explored north coast of the island and near the cave system of Roiho, so silence and tranquility are assured.

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Hare Swiss

Hare Swiss Cabins on Easter Island with ocean view

Hare Swiss

Hare Swiss has three bungalows with fully equipped kitchen and a large balcony overlooking the sea. Its owners Peter, of Swiss origin, and Tiare, rapanui, offer personalized attention and strive to make their guests enjoy their stay to the maximum. The property is a bit far from the center and requires to rent a vehicle or hire a taxi, but it is perfect to rest with peace and forget everything.

Their cabins are prepared to accommodate from one to four people, but maybe more suitable for couples. The price for two people is around USD 140 per night, and breakfast can be ordered for a supplement.

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Cabañas Te Pito Kura

Te Pito Kura Cabins on Easter Island with ocean view

Te Pito Kura cabins

The Te Pito Kura cabins is a simple property that stands out for offering an excellent quality / price ratio and the human warmth and sympathy of its hosts, Juan Carlos and his wife. It is also one of the few accommodations on the island that accepts pets.

The bungalows have an ambient with TV, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom and can accommodate 2 people (1 double bed or 2 single beds) and for 3 or 4 people (1 double bed and 2 single beds). From its small terrace you can see beautiful panoramic views of the sea and the garden.

The price for 2 people per night is about USD 95. A very convenient option in a very pleasant environment.

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Cabañas Ahu Kio’e

Ahu Kio'e Cabins on Easter Island with ocean view

Ahu Kio’e Cabins

The Ahu Kio’e cabins are located very close to Hanga Kio’e (the mouse’s bay), from which they take their name. This sector near the Sebastian Englert museum is very quiet, since the road traffic that circulates on the dirt road is minimal. Guests can enjoy a few days of rest and tranquility surrounded by large gardens and stunning views of the sea that is only 150 meters away.

They have two comfortable cabins with capacity for two people or two adults and a child (double bed + futon), spacious, bright and fully equipped with king size bed, sheets, blankets and towels of first quality, full kitchen, dining room, TV and fan.

The price of each cabin for two people is about USD 100. In the same land the friendly owners live, with which they will be pending at all times of any need of the guests.

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Cabañas Moai

Cabañas Moai Cabins on Easter Island with ocean view

Cabañas Moai

The Moai cabins are located near the archaeological complex of Tahai, and from its terraces you can see the Ahu Ko Te Riku, the only moai which was restored with eyes of the whole island and a magnificent view of the sea.

They have 2 cabins with capacity for 4 people. Each one has two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The most appreciated by the travelers are the views, the tranquility of the place and the close and friendly treatment of their hosts René Pakarati and his wife Tonia.

The price of each cabin for two people per night is about USD 125.

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Hare Vaikava

Hare Vaikava Cabins on Easter Island with ocean view

Hare Vaikava

Nearby is Hare Vaikava that surprises with its modern and minimalist style, differentiating itself from the rest of the cabins that present a more rustic and traditional image. It is a unique house designed to accommodate a family or a group of friends. It has a spectacular panorama facing the ocean and a large terrace to enjoy the sunsets.

Theis attentive hosts, Carmen Gloria and Petero, have designed the spacious house on a single floor that has two bedrooms, one with a double bed and the other with bunk beds, a large living area and a fully equipped kitchen. In addition, the fact of having two modern bathrooms facilitates the comfort of guests, something unusual in most cabins.

A highly recommended option for families who want to enjoy a large space with unbeatable views. The price of the full house for 2 people per night is USD 250 and about USD 350 for 4 people.

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Cabañas Anavai

Cabañas Anavai Rapa Nui Cabins on Easter Island with ocean view

Cabañas Anavai Rapa Nui

The Anavai cabins offer one of the most privileged views of the whole island. Not only do they have a great view of the sea, but they rise almost in front of the ceremonial complex of Tahai, the best place to see the sunset in Rapa Nui. It also highlights the quality of its construction, with finishes and first-class details, as well as the delightful attention of Odette, the administrator and the care that has put its owner Avareipua Teao.

The cabins have two floors and can accommodate 6 people. They have a master bedroom with a bed for 2 people, and secondary bedrooms with 1 and 2 beds of 1 ½ size. Apart from a fully equipped kitchen and living room with TV and futon, they have two bathrooms, an extra that is appreciated in groups or large families, and a large balcony from which you can observe the moai of the ceremonial platforms of Tahai, the boats anchored in the bay and surfers braving the waves.

We recommend this accommodation for families or groups that can take advantage of such a large space. The price for 4 people per night is about USD 200.

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Te Ngahu

Te Ngahu Cabins on Easter Island with ocean view

Te Ngahu boungalows

The Te Ngahu bungalows have eight cabins, several of them perfect for families. All accommodation includes a private bathroom, dining area, terrace and an equipped kitchen.

This property is one of the favorites of tourists for its excellent location in Hanga Roa. It is located opposite Pea beach where it is easy to see sea turtles on its shore and you can go walking to the main banks, shops and local restaurants. However, this central location can reduce a bit of tranquility to travelers who seek more quiet.

The attention of the hosts and the rest of the staff is excellent. An ideal place to enjoy the sea both watching it and practicing some of the activities such as surfing, diving, snorkeling or kayaking.

The price of the cabin for two people per night starts at USD 140 and those at two bedrooms start at USD 210.

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Cabañas Matavai

Cabañas Matavai Cabins on Easter Island with ocean view

Cabañas Matavai

Cabañas Matavai are three independent rustic style chalets made of wood and stone. His best asset is the attention of Mrs. Violeta and its excellent location at a reasonable price.

They are located on Apina Street, the road that runs along the coast of Hanga Roa. From its terraces you can see how the sea breaks against the volcanic rocks of the shore. A perfect place to watch the sunset and relax but at the same time close enough to the center of Hanga Roa to walk and access all its services. Without doubt one of the best locations on the island.

The price for two people is USD 120 a night.

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