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You can find several choices of Easter Island accommodation. From large hotels with all the comfort you may want to small and basic family accommodations and campsites.

Families with children will find that the cabins are a good choice; because in addition to the extra and independent space, you can also organize your meals freely.

You can’t forget that Easter Island is one of the most remote places on the planet, which makes everything much more expensive, including accommodation. The traditional concept of quality-value doesn’t work here, at least not how you might expect. As useful rule of thumb, estimate about twice as much money in order to relate that amount to the quality expected.

However, leaving aside the price, the accommodations are pretty good, each in its category, and treatment is generally attentive and concerned. Most pick up the guest at the airport, help with excursions, rent a car and provide you the best tips to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Choose your accommodation

Here we offer you a selection of hotels, cabins and camping sites for every budget. In this way we save you time and effort in your search. You can still always choose for yourself among the many options available through the search box.

We work in partnership with, one of the biggest websites on the planet in the hotel industry, so we can offer you over 400,000 hotels around the world and always at the most convenient price. is responsible of the management of the reservations.

Important To make a reservation through our website does not imply any additional cost to the price offered by

More Important Thanks to your reservation we pledge to donate 10% of our incomes (arising from commissions, advertising and other services) to social projects committed to the communities that need it most. Read more…

Hotels Easter Island AccommodationHotels

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Cabins Easter Island AccommodationCabins

The cabins are ideal when traveling with family or a group of friends. Most rooms have a private kitchen, garden and som of them have barbecue and games for children. Read more…

Camping sites Easter Island AccommodationCamping sites

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